What Folks Are Saying

"I came to Sarah Jane over a year ago with a variety of afflictions and ailments that I really wanted to treat holistically, as western medicine had proven to me through out the years to be insufficient and unreliable. After many attempts to get off mood medications that I had been on for over two decades and had caused an array of complications to my liver, kidneys and thyroid, I turned to Sarah Jane for help. I have since been able to go off my medication and focus on using the herbs that she has given to me to treat my physical as well as mental challenges. She is sweet, patient and extremely nonjudgmental. She speaks from her own experience and shares solutions that have worked for her in her own life while still maintaining her professionalism. I recently went to her while fighting the aftereffects of pneumonia, For a month I couldn't breath, I was tired, weak, light headed and coughing pretty violently. She put together a brilliant concoction of herbs for me to start taking and within 4 days I was feeling like myself again. I couldn't believe how quickly and effectively they worked after I had spent three weeks prior to that on prescribed medication that just barely treated my symptoms. I have all the faith in the world in SJ's skills as a healer and can't believe how much my life has changed as result of seeing her."

"Sending you a note to say I've never felt so normal and balanced in a long time."

"Nothing could have prepared me for how wonderful my experience working with Sarah Jane Fairless would be! Many times I had looked to western medicine to fix ailments and was disappointed, with not only the results, but feeling like just another number. Sarah has helped me with issues such as endometriosis care and pain relief, as well as cures for the common cold. With warmth, compassion and a true understanding of how natural herbs can work wonders, I am a believer in now seeking knowledge and advice from her first, before scheduling that doctors appointment!"